Lucy has something to say.

You seem cool. Don’t prove me wrong!


4 thoughts on “Lucy has something to say.

  1. Rats , I know, have to live down a terrible legacy of historical problematics, such being plague carriers and villainy (Ratigan, for one). We all have the capability of transcending our past to make our presence count. Lucy, I believe you can do great things for your kind. You go girl!

    • Thanks for your note, Ms. Muse. In order to help you overcome your rat prejudice, here are a couple of things to consider:

      The plague carriers were diseased ticks, not rats; rats were plague victims, too! Would you blame a deer if you got Lyme’s disease?

      And don’t even get me started about Ratigan. He was a self-loathing rat. (Remember how he always called himself a mouse?) There are many good rats out there: Remy, Templeton, Nick and Fetcher… the list goes on and on.

      Here’s hoping this helps! Thanks for stopping by!

      • Oh dear, is my rat prejudice showing again? Sigh, my apologies. I guess it’s back to my RAT meetings (rat appreciator team). It’s all due to the trauma of the class rat running up my sweater sleeve when in fifth grade. I still get the shivers feeling those little claws whisking their way up my arm. Brrrr

      • The class rat just wanted to be your friend, silly. We are all very friendly.

        We can’t help the paws or the hairless tail, I’m afraid. They are a part of who we are.

        So suck it up.

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